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Vehicle vacuum cleaner
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Product parameters:

Model: sn-6102                 Additional function: 120W         

Power cord size: Cordless

Vacuum degree: 6000pa                   

Power supply mode: Rechargeable

Additional function: water absorption, other dust cleaning and lighting

Vacuum cleaner type: hand held

Fully charged, easy to use, is an economical and applicable vacuum cleaner. Affordable, small places can be adsorbed clean, easy to use. The dust and small stones in the gap of the car can be sucked out. The workmanship and design are good. Large suction, suitable size, convenient cleaning, single hand operation will not feel cumbersome. Wireless doesn't have any restrictions. It's easy to use.

The vacuum cleaner is compact and portable, with long battery life, long standby time and no frequent charging.

The dust collection part can be disassembled, washed, energy saving and environmental protection.

It is a dual-purpose vacuum cleaner, which can be used at home / in the car. It can easily solve the dust pollution of various corners.